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Hashashin OP

Post by UnbroKen on Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:06 am

A scout darts through the brush, nervously avoiding sentries and blending into the background. All of a sudden, a resounding crack sounds out, and the scout collapses, a tiny red mark on his head. On the neighboring hilltop, a man’s lips part to form a grim smile as he reloads his gun.

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The sniper. A deadly weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. Here at Hashashin, we strive to perfect our skills with this elegant instrument of death. We are the most Strongest and tightly-knit group of assassins you will find roaming the servers of NPlay. You want to join us? Well, keep reading, hope you have what it takes.

[row class="scroll_spans"][div class="span4"]
Hashashin is a gaming clan created under the eaves of the Brotherhood Comunity. We are an active clan with a strong and passionate community. We promote, loyalty, equality, teamwork, mutual respect and competitive spirit. although Hash have many Skilled players, Hash is Not a skill-based clan. Our main focusing has always been the Attitude, The main Reason because Hash has grown much lately.

We are proud to say We have a transparent and friendly Atmosphere here. This clan was started on August 14, 2011 by Kaveh94 and Funnyman. They strove to shape a band of deadly snipers. The end product was Hashashin.

Our signature art is the sniping, but we also accept extremely skilled players and/or people who fit with us on Attitude,Respect and teamwork.
We take in those interested in sniping and turn them into expert snipers. You do not always have to snipe, but as it is our main focus it is expected that you will train and become proficient with the sniper. We strive to make Hashashin a meeting point for players seeking a pleasant gaming experience and the opportunity to form bonds with other players. We exist to have fun and enjoy our time on Begone together, all while landing headshots on helpless foes.

"We are Proud to say We are a international Clan"

Currently we have members from all over the world: Argentina, Canada,Russia, Chile, China, India, Korea,Dominican Republic, Jamaica, México, Turkey, Perú, Caribbean, Colombia, German, New zealand, Phillipines, Spain and the United States among others.[/div][div class="span4"]
(long term objectives, idealization)
At Hashashin our vision is to establish an active community of respected and skilled players where friendship, cooperation and loyalty act as our core values. We aspire to be the top clan in Begone and to be a place where our members feel inspired to give the best of them.[/div][div class="span4"]
(mechanisms used to meet our objectives, short term)
 Our mission is To Establish a clan in Which the bonds have as members of a family's bond.
 Our mission is to form a strong and united group, with good snipers and others good players that complement each other very well for make a great team.
 To Maintain longevity in this forum.

The Assasins, founded at the end of the eleventh century, were originally an underground Nizari Ismaili sect established by Hassan al Sabbah.
The Ismailis came into existence as a separate Shi’i community around the middle of the eighth century. In 1904, the Ismaili movement split into two main branches, the Nizaris and the Musta’lians, the Nizaris succeeded in founding a state in northern Persia and Syria.

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His territorially scattered state centred on the mountain fortress of Alamut, served as base for a revolt that challenge the hegemony of the dominant and anti-Shi’i Saljuq Turks in the Muslim lands.

In order to establish and maintain regional control in the mids of a hostile environment, the Hashashins developed political assesination and intimidation as tools to subjugate or influence his overwhelmingly more powerful enemy.
Their seemingly blind obedience and self-sacrificing behavior, carrying out dangerous missions was soon attributed by the occidental observers to the influence of an intoxicating drug like hashis, arabic term for a narcotic product which later would vary to became the common occidental term for designating at the Nizaris Ismailis as hashishins or “users of hashis”.

This provided a rational explanation for a behavior that otherwise seemed irrational, however mostly of this distorted stories and half-truths about the Nizaris practices came from their Muslim and Christian enemies.

The Nizari Ismaili state collapsed in 1256 under the onslaught of the Mongols who conquered Assassin strong points and mountain fortifications, crushing nearly all traces of this once fearsome sect.
Thereafter, the Nizaris of Persia, Syria and other lands survided merely as Shi’i minority communities without any political prominence.

More videos:


[row class="scroll_spans"][div class="span6"]
Adhere to and abide by the clan Code of Conduct.

1. Respect all clan members: Any kind of disrespect to other clan members will not be allowed, either through insults, threats or discrimination.
2. We are all equal. if you are a Awesome player You must have low profile. "Being simple is what makes you great".
3. Play with the clan: we join Hash so we can play together.
4. Attend clan matches.
5. Our Home Rule: Being calm in Clan Wars or Clan trainings, be respectful with your opponent if you lose or win.  Remain silent ,Not respond to aggression from others.
6. No In-game cheating / glitching.
7. No map abuse.
8. Try to balance games.
9. Practice: set a goal, making yourself better makes the clan better.
10. Help other members from the clan.
11. Inactivity: You must be online at least 1 or 2 times per week. X days/weeks without justified absence may result in clan expulsion.
12. it is requested that all clan members join in the chatbox of our forums, especially in  Clan wars official, unofficial and Clan trainings.[/div][div class="span6"]As part of a larger community we follow certain codes in order to preserve a good forum coexistence; However we would like to emphasize the following rules:

  Respect others players: BB members or Nplay players. Leave potentially inflammatory discussions or topics alone.
  No sexist or racist discrimination.
  No spam.
  No trolling.
  Have fun!

For the full Begone Brotherhood Code of Conduct click here.[/div][/row]

The founders and clan leaders are 
Funnyman and Kaveh94

 All members have a voice, the right to vote and can express their views.
 All members help to make important decision in the clan
 We hold regular meetings to discuss important or critical issues.
 Hash is a clan based on Attitude, Skills and Equality.
 We have a group closed to 30 members, We are not in a rush to recruit more members.
 We prefer Quality over quantity.

These are some of your rights and benefits as a member of Hash:

  Each member can post about any topic in our forums.
  All members have the right to know about any changes in the clan.
  All member can recommend players to join Hash.
  Each member can makes a post/poll about to invite a player to Hash.
  All members can organize training sessions, events, tournaments, etc.
  All members can organize Clan battles for fun against any clan and official battles too (except some exceptions Clans that need the approval of all the members)
  If there are 4 or more members online, you can gather them in our chat forum and then ask any clan to play, for example.
  Everyone has access to our strategies in Clan Wars and Important tips for the game.
  Each member can suggest and/or to do a survey about changing the structure or methodology of the Clan.
  Everyone has access to our own account in RC.
  All members can suggest new photos, phrases, and everything you can imagine for the good of the clan.

However we also have setup a structure called The Core, where our members are given responsibilities over other members, not privileges, as we strive for equality.

The Core is formed by members  who safeguard  for the organization of the Clan and  are responsible for complying specific tasks.
These people are called: Hashmods

Any hash member could be a Hashmod. The Hashmods make his own decision to be a Hashmod knowing his task and the rules, old members and New members have equal chance to be a Hashmod. Hashmods are people who have  have more responsibilities than other members, but are not given anymore privileges.

Read more:
Among its tasks are:

 A few Hashmods with web/html knowledge will be administrator in our private forum.
 Responsibility to delete, edit and move posts.
 If the poll of an applicant is active and there is some disagreement then the Hashmods have the last decision.
 Responsible of maintenance and administration our channel in RaidCall clan Advertisements and the account "HashCouncil" in Nplay.
 The councils are responsible of implementing the decisions of the other members.
 Master head of graphics, photos and OP of the clan.
 Clan artist will be owner of our topic "clan graphics" on our forums and the structure of our OP.


 HashFS97 - The Hawk - Pinxxel - Shreck - UnbroKen
All the rules and Structure of the OP are subject to change for suggestions, new ideas and contributions of any member.










<div style="width:300px;height:400px;line-height:1em;overflow:auto;padding:5px;">if you are interested in joining Hash, we recommend joining matches with our members so you can get to know us better
If we believe  you're a player who fits well with us because of your attitude and/or skills, you will be recommended for recruitment.

All new recruits must register and use: the BeGone's brotherhood (*obligatory) ;
and  Raidcall & Skype > (*recommended ) ;
and then fill out an application form that we will provide

Hash Doesn't Test People Anymore (in duels) nor Does It Take Applications on This Forum.
We will discuss possible candidates together and then ask them to apply. Usually, someone will recommend a player and we will then invite them to apply

In order to have the highest chance of being recommended to join hash, you should try to add members of Hash in Nplay and try to meet in game with us
This way, we can invite you to play some games with us, train with us, participate in clan battles for fun, etc.
If you are not contacted by a member from hash about applying, please do not ask to join here. 

A minimum of 5 matches with our members is required in order for us to get a general idea of a candidate's attitude, skills, manners and loyalty.
However, more matches and casual games are encouraged

Once members have an idea of a recruits skills and know them as a player, there is a vote within the clan where all members vote and share opinions.

Note that the purpose of this forum is to give  updates about Hash and to answer questions about our clan, not to take applications.
Remember that Hash will ask you to apply & send u application form of Hash, if we think that you are a good candidate, so don't spam our forum.</div>
<div style="width:300px;height:400px;line-height:1em;overflow:auto;padding:5px;">In Hashashin we accept all kind of people. You just have to be respectful and cooperative with the clan. However we have developed a set of minimum requirements that every applicant must meet in order to fulfill the goals that we have set as a clan. Make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply.

  Active Nplay and BB accounts.
  Positive attitude.
  Loyalty, respect, and skill
  A reasonable level of activity. We would like that you be as active as you can, playing once or twice a week is fine, as long as you visit the forums at least once every week or the weekend.
  You can’t be on any other clan: Multi claning is not allowed.
  Minimum English language proficiency level.
  Minimum age of the account: 2 months, except some exceptions.
  Be able to play as a team and take directions in game.</div>
<div style="width:300px;height:400px;line-height:1em;overflow:auto;padding:5px;">  Acces to our clan custom server.(future)
  Training sessions.
  Team gameplay.
  A family.
  Fun and friendly environment.
  Good times.
 Hot girls.
  Free COOKIES!</div>
More info: http://hashashin.forumotion.com/t5-rules-in-this-forum

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