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Who am I really?

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Who am I really? Empty Who am I really?

Post by Sion on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:39 pm

Name: Daniel

Username: HeyCarnage / Carnage
danucofernando: My name Fernando Daniel, the truth is that my mother told me that seemed a nenuco, so why not change Danuco for Daniel and join it with fernando? xd This is how I started with my first username in BeGone
HeyCarnage: He is an enemy of Spiderman, Venom like but lean and strong........ It's almost like me... okno '-' xD
1.- TK
2.- GLX
3.- BtL
4.- AiN

Age: 16

Country: México

Idiom: My mother tongue is Spanish, but I also speak a little English

Hobbies: One of my biggest hobbies is having a good time with my friends, if we are not together , we contacted us together with us to set the time, date and place where we gather to eat some pizza and hang out....

Another of my hobbies is to be in the band at my school which my instrument is the trumpet, played impressive melodies for parades and events of my community (:

And everyone's favorite hobby is video games, I don't live without them, I think that this is already an addiction xD but while I have a game with which entertain me, I am happy (: I love you

Worst Fear: Losing my computer Crying or Very sad

Birthday: 13/07/2000 Very Happy

Active in Games: Minecraft / BeGone / Contract Wars

About me: I like to have friends because I never feel alone, in real life I am very sociable, but this to make friends through the internet is a bit complicated for me, I look different, xd

My favorite movie is all movies Resident Evil ♥
The movie I'm waiting anxiously is "Transformers The Last Night"

Once when I was swimming at age 9 a boat a little big weight, up for me, really I had not realized just what had happened, when I was little And I had little oxygen, wanted to I leave, but something was stopping, for so small it was my nerves were stirred up so I started swimming at the sides to find a solution... Which I never found.
As I had more oxygen, and could not find a way out outdoors, I thought I would die in that time so I decided to finish me,I breathed water... I realized that the supposed water I had breathed,breathed oxygen and that's how I left of down of that boat, I never understood because instead of breathed water to finish me, I breathed oxygen.

I hope not to bore you

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