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Post by J3loodyRebekah on Fri May 05, 2017 8:36 pm

Hello  My name is Batuhan and ingame name is DarKwOrLd/J3loodyRebekah, the same on every game . I live in Turkey city is Osmaniye and I am 16 years old . Nice to meet you all .
First, let me explain why I came here_; 6 years of begone and left begone game after I started to play CSGO, Rocket League, Insurgency games I participated in a lot of clans while playing Begone and I am a former member of MjR, I have a lot of friends in the Hash team and their first person is Alien and other Turk players.
''I love everything related to games and games, I spend most of my time playing games''
this is games that I have played that I do play are Rocket League , Insurgency , Counter StrikeGO and sometimes , DirtyBoom . CSGO has always been my favorite game, I can play most games because the hardware of my computer is nice. I am confident in creativity and ability, so I can definitely contribute to Video production and PhotoShop.
I did not know much about the UGB clans when I was kid, And my english was so bad now i developed english, I knew only Turk language because I am Turkish now know english language. I am a student in my normal life and I am interested in graphic design, sometimes free time make picture. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, my brothers name is Onur 18 years old he is a student and my sisters name is Tuana , 7 years old first class she is a student.

I was very nice to introduce myself to you Hashers. I created this meeting to meet you, from the beginning and I am honored to see myself in the Hash team.

Cheers J3loody

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