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Guide: Clan wars

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Guide: Clan wars Empty Guide: Clan wars

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:17 pm

Guide: Clan wars Clan_w10
all is a game and the idea is having fun.

Please try to take note to the following points before ask for a clan war.

Fun war:

  • Pick a free server preferably usa (Less lag/ping) and make sure you have your members online to make them join quickly and notify to us to do the same.
  • If you take screenshots, or record a video of the fun war, DO NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC FOR ANY REASON. It's a fun war/spontaneous.
  • Hash doesn't use Raidcall or special strategies for fun wars, we would ask for the same but we respect the other clans styles.
  • No ping limit

Official war:

  • Ask any hash member on Nplay chat/private message for a clan war. Send a proposal with: Number of players (4v4-6v6-8v8), Date, Hour, Maps and number of matches. I.e:
    Official war vs [|Clan|]
    Date: 09/21/2013
    Hour: 13:00GMT
    Maps: "Insert maps here"
    Matches: Two matches/Switch
    Specific guns?: All guns/Sniper only/Pistol only.
    Special game?: No/Sabootage/New idea (Purpose your own funny game).

    (Please make the request at least 2 weeks before the scheduled time)
  • After, get the proposal, it might take 3 days to reply if we accept the war, propose new parameters or decline for low activity issues
  • Both clans will be allowed to make public the screenshots/Video .
  • At the day of the official war, we'll wait 30 minutes, if the opponent doesn't appear the war will be done.
  • If one of the clans doesn't have enough members it will be played unbalanced (I.e 6v4 - 4v2), or reschedule the war.
  • Ping limit in official battles will be 200.

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