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Post by Admin on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:41 pm

Hash's New OP Logo10
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Hash's New OP Introd12
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A scout darts through the brush, nervously avoiding sentries and blending into the background. All of a sudden, a resounding crack sounds out, and the scout collapses, a tiny red mark on his head. On the neighboring hilltop, a man’s lips part to form a grim smile as he reloads his gun.

Hash's New OP About_10Hash's New OP Vision10Hash's New OP Missio10

Hashashin is a gaming clan created under the eaves of the Brotherhood Comunity. We are an active clan with a strong and passionate member base. We promote, loyalty, equality, teamwork, mutual respect and competitive spirit. although Hash has many Skilled players, Hash is Not a skill-based clan.

We are proud to say We have a transparent and friendly Atmosphere here. This clan was started on August 14, 2011 by Kaveh94 and Funnyman.

"We are Proud to say We are a international Clan"

Currently we have members from all over the world: Argentina, Canada,Russia, Chile, China, India, Korea,Dominican Republic, Jamaica, México, Turkey, Perú, Caribbean, Colombia, German, New zealand, Phillipines, Spain and the United States among others.
(long term objectives, idealization)
At Hashashin our vision is to establish an active community of respected and skilled players where friendship, cooperation and loyalty act as our core values. We aspire to be the a top gaming clan and  be a place where our members feel inspired to give the best of them.
(mechanisms used to meet our objectives, short term)
Hash's New OP Point11 Our mission is To Establish a clan in which the members would treat each others in such a way as if they were all a big family.

Hash's New OP Point11 Our mission is to form a strong and united group, with skilled players who aspire to be great team workers.
Hash's New OP Point11 The Clan and the name of the clan can survive with it's own rules and without the need of any special member.
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Hash's New OP Clanru10          Hash's New OP Genrul10

1. Respect all clan members: Any kind of disrespect to other clan members will not be allowed, either through insults, threats or discrimination. Remember: it's easy to respect the people that love us.
2. We are all equal. if you are an Awesome player You must have low profile. "Being simple is what makes you great".
3. Play with the clan: we made Hash so we can play together.
4. Attend clan matches.
5. Our Home Rule: Being calm in Clan Wars or Clan trainings, be respectful with your opponent if you lose or win.  Remain silent , don't respond with aggression. Remember: it's easy to respect the people that love us.
6. No In-game cheating / glitching.
7. No map abuse.
8. Try to balance games.
9. Practice: set a goal, making yourself better makes the clan better.
10. Have fun! Hash's New OP Point11

Hash's New OP Div211

Hash's New OP Struct11

Hash reservers, Hash members and Hash browns.:

The clan is divided in 3 groups: Hash reserves, Hash members(official members) and Hash browns(a year old Hash members)

Hash reserves: They are invited by hash browns to discord. they have access to our official discord channel and are invited to games with official members. They use the hash tag in the game hash brown member(s) recruited them from.

Hash members:They are official members of the clan Hash(Hashashin). They can use the tag of hash in any game the clan is created. they have access to our official discord channel and to our special place "hash home".They also have access to our official Hash forum. they become "Hash browns" after they've been in the clan for a year.

Hash browns: they are the owner and the core of the clan Hash. they can create the clan in any game they play. They also can invite players to our discord channel and add those players in "Hash reserves".
Still in process and there may be changes.

Hash's New OP Point11Hash brown members who plays games alone, in consoles,PC, Steam,Etc.Hash's New OP Point11
All Hash browns can recruit new members, use the name, images and tag of Hash. they can organize clan wars and everything in the game they want. There is only one condition for this:
you have to be in discord when you play. why? it is cause Hash Discord will be our point of meeting.
You Don't need To talk or write anything. it is to stay in contact with all the other members and remain together as a gaming clan and a group of gamers to play and share our favorite games.  

The way suggested to recruit new members in the game is if 3 or more members agree on accept a certain player into the clan then he's in. ofc the owner of the clan in the game can choose another option if it's necessary.
All the members and friends hash browns recruit in the games are not "offical members" but they can be "hash reserves" if the Hash brown want he/she into the clan . Hash reserves have access to our official discord channel and have the chance to become  official "Hash member" if he/she is active for 6 months and got the approval of at least 5 hashers(hash member and/or hash brown)

Hash's New OP Point11This is for the people that play games that other hash members currently play.Hash's New OP Point11
if there is 5 hash members that play a certain game. the game becomes a "priority" to the clan(it should be atleast 1 "loyal hash brown" in that group). when a game is a priority to the clan, those 5 members can just recruit new members,make them blue in discord and make them an official hash member(the majority of the members of the game have to be agree before the new member get accepted)

if a game got 10 active hash members then the game becomes an "official hash game". and the new members coming from an official hash game will need to make an application and a poll where the Vote rate should be over 80%  and there should be atleast 5 or more votes from the hash members to get aproved.

Hash's New OP Div113
The founders and clan leaders are 
Funnyman and Kaveh94

Hash's New OP Ranks10

Hash's New OP Core11

The Core is formed by members  who safeguard  for the organization of the Clan and  are responsible for completing specific tasks. These people are called: HashCouncil

Any hash member could be a HashCouncil as long as they've been in the clan for a year or more. The HashCouncils are voluntary members who know the task and the rules and are chosen through a nomination process held by the previous HashCouncils. HashCouncil are people who have have more responsibilities than other members, but are not given any other privileges.

Read more:
Among its tasks are:

Hash's New OP Point11 A few HashCouncils with web/html knowledge will be administrator in our private forum.
Hash's New OP Point11 Responsibility to delete, edit and move posts.
Hash's New OP Point11 If the poll of an applicant is active and there is some disagreement then the Hashmods have the last decision.
Hash's New OP Point11 Responsible of maintenance and administration our channel in Discord/any other social apps, clan Advertisements and the account "HashCouncil" in any games the clan is created in.
Hash's New OP Point11 The councils are responsible of implementing the decisions of the other members.
Hash's New OP Point11 Master head of graphics, photos and OP of the clan.
Hash's New OP Point11 Clan artist will be owner of our topic "clan graphics" on our forums and the structure of our OP.

All the rules and Structure of the OP are subject to change for suggestions, new ideas and contributions of any member.

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Hash's New OP Media11
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